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Dear Fellow Republicans:

We, the members of the Republican Party of Mecklenburg County, are dedicated to the principles of the Republican Party and to the election of Republican candidates to public office. This is our purpose.

MeckGOP is your leader and voice for the Republican Party in Mecklenburg County and we need your financial support today. We are launching the MeckGOP Building Fund this summer and we hope you will support YOUR Republican Party. Key features of this new fund include:

Principle headquarters expenses associated with rent, utility bills, and other costs
Contributions allowed include individual contributors AND businesses
A sustainable headquarters that continues to serve as the nerve center of MeckGOP

Thanks to your financial support last year, MeckGOP supported the following efforts:

Hosted the RNC and NCGOP at HQ as over 200 volunteers drove us to historic election victories
Built and distributed over 3,000 yard signs and over 15,000 palm cards
Hosted phone banks and made over 195,000 outbound calls

On behalf of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, I am pleased to announce that the State of our Party is strong. However, your financial support today will enable MeckGOP to continue to accomplish our purpose.

Please review the enclosed materials and make your contribution today. Thank you!


Chris Turner

Mecklenburg County
Republican Party Chairman

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