Fellow Republicans, as you already know, the Democrats in this country are on a very intentional course to destroy this country.  Just recently we’ve seen the Chair of the DNC unable to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist (hint: there isn’t one), video after video of Planned Parenthood exposing them for selling aborted babies for profit (and a White House that defends them), and a proven lack of understanding of economics at an alarming scale (in NC after the Democrats cried the Republican tax cuts would destroy our economy not a word was spoken once it was revealed we actually have a $445MM surplus).  We have won some battles here in NC but there is much more work to do – especially with winning the White House and making sure destructive Democrat policies don’t have a chance to permanently ruin this great country.
As you may also know, the front lines of this battle happens with your local party.  We need funds to help us fight back and make sure that NC and this nation elect strong Republicans!  The local party is made up of volunteers – from the Chairman to the people who help pull together our events and help hand out yard signs and design voter guides and answer phone calls.  But, for us to mount a strong attack we will need to make sure we can actually print voter guides…that we can send out mailers…keep the lights on at HQ and other key activities to victory!
So we have launched a simple concept, the 20for16 campaign.  Simply put, we are asking all our fellow Republicans to contribute just $20 a month for the next 16 months to get us ready for the all important elections in 2016.  This easy-to-do effort will go a long way towards helping the MeckGOP get ready for all the activity we will need to do as we approach November 1, 2016. Help feed the volunteers who spend countless hours working the phones…provide water to neighborhood walkers going door-to-door in the middle of summer to reach voters…pay for a handful of voter guides to be printed to hand out at the polls…and these are just a few examples of how your contribution helps!
Please consider joining the fight for our country and helping the MeckGOP sustain our efforts over the next 16 months by contributing to the 20for16 Campaign today!  You can access the donor page here and at www.meckgop.com.  And please, spread the word among all your Republican friends by posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and using the #20for16 hashtag.
Thank you for your support and see you on the front lines!
The MeckGOP

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